Unfortunately Hurricane Irene cancelled our final performance. But you're in luck! We've arranged a make-up performance with the good folks of The Brick, Saturday, Sept 3 at 8pm! Buy your tickets now!

A violent brute holds an innocent young woman captive and attacks anyone who dares approach. A glutton eats everything in sight while running away from the ghosts that haunt him. A lone survivor forges a peril-ridden path towards a lush refuge he can never reach. Are these the plots of classic video games, or are they searing narratives of modernist drama? A hit of The Brick Theater’s 2010 Game Play festival of video-game theater, this collection of short plays explore what happens when stories born of the arcade are given the high literary respect and dramaturgical rigor they deserve.

From “geek theater” companies Piper McKenzie (The Bubble of Solace and Craven Monkey and the Mountain of Fury at The Brick; Trav S.D.’s Manson-parody rock musical hit Willy Nilly in FringeNYC 2009) and The Fifth Wall (creators of the acclaimed Suspicious Package series of interactive tech-driven noir dramas, including this summer’s Red Cloud Rising), Theater of the Arcade is written by Jeff Lewonczyk and directed by Gyda Arber. New cast member Timothy McCown Reynolds joins original cast members Fred Backus, Hope Cartelli, Stephen Heskett, Josh Mertz, and Shelley Ray.