“Each of the short plays in playwright Jeff Lewonczyk's ingenious cycle loans the style of a seminal playwright to a beloved coin-op game. . . . These in-jokes are clever but never too pretentious. The six-person ensemble is impeccable, but Fred Backus deserves the high score”—Backstage

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised to find a really clever mixing of genres and styles that turned into an amusing and intelligent two-hour evening of short plays. The show is geeky fun performed with pluck and enthusiasm by an able and willing cast.”—Culturebot

“This year’s centerpiece is Jeff Lewonczyk’s Theater of the Arcade, which not only creates hilarious backstories for five classic games, but pitch-perfectly matches them—aided by the solid direction of Gyda Arber—with the distinct styles of famous playwrights. Part of the fun—and that’s important to recognize: these shows are a delight—is trying to figure out what game is being parodied... But even on their own, the five one-acts that make up Theater of the Arcade are a blast.”—That Sounds Cool

Theater of the Arcade cycles the entire canon of Great Plays you were fed in highschool through the medium of what you were actually concentrating on at the time... a kind of Capcom vs. Marvel in which the playwright assumes the avatars of five of his famous peers to play the academy against the arcade.”—ComicCritique Blog

“What if the characters and stories of classic video games were reimagined and reinterpreted as live theater in front of you? Even as someone who writes about video games for a living, I had not imagined such a thing possible until attending Theater of the Arcade, the most provocative and intriguing of four different shows I recently saw as part of the Game Play festival at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.”—New York Times

“Exactly what it sounds like.”—The Daily Dish